Ideas for Action

We encourage turning your feelings and reactions into actions that will make a difference:

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is
a revolutionary act.
—George Orwell

  1. Please pass this information to as many who will listen using email, social media and/or the printed handout in the resources section. As our numbers grow, the shrouds of deceit will become more transparent.
  2. Be aware that many who have already vaccinated their children, even if they are not aware of any negative consequences, may resist this information in order avoid feeling guilty. Don’t push.
  3. Eliminate the word “immunize” from your vocabulary. It is not a synonym for “vaccinate.” “Immunize” promises an outcome that’s not assured. “Vaccinate”describes the actual procedure.
  4. Point out the illogic of parents fearing their vaccinated children are at risk if exposed to unvaccinated children. If vaccines really do what they claim to do, there is no risk.
  5. If you know parents of young children, or expectant parents, urge them to become vaccine-educated, beginning with this website.
  6. Contact physicians you trust. Few physicians have actually seen the facts. Reaching them can increase their awareness of the problems of vaccination. Even if they are unlikely to speak out for fear of retribution, they may be more supportive of parents who’ve chosen to avoid many or all vaccines.
  7. Explore the Resources section.
  8. Financially support the organizations that are educating the world.
  9. If you’re scientifically minded, learn more about the true nature of the virome as it applies to terrain theory. This appears to be a superior explanation of disease transmission to the classic, and some believe, unproven, germ theory.
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