The following pages rely on the explanations and references offered above, so please, before you proceed,  be sure you have taken one of the quizzes and read the explanations for any statements you may have misjudged.

Note: Since much is still unknown about the COVID-19 vaccines, the information associated with the preceding statements focuses on the long-hidden history of vaccine safety in general, with the intent of applying this knowledge to the unfolding COVID-19 situation. At the end of this section, you’ll be offered a link to current information about these new vaccines.

The body of this website has revealed that the claim of vaccines being “safe and effective” is not supported by research.

There is a wealth of readily available vaccine research that challenges this prevailing claim about vaccines, despite the efforts of authorities to conceal it.

Moreover, any questioning of vaccines is actively censored—even punished. The adage “follow the money” explains why these tactics are used by the ever-growing multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry that claims to be dedicated to improving health.

While the supporting evidence presented is largely factual, it’s no secret that this site has an agenda. Its goal is to demonstrate the many misrepresentations about vaccines made by their liability-free manufacturers. While this has been done with as many facts as possible, some judgments necessarily come into play.


The facts presented have shown:
(Note: the blue links in parentheses allow you to review the explanations in the previous section—A=Australian version)

  1. Despite widespread claims, vaccines have never been adequately tested for safety. (1, 2, 4 | 1A, 2A, 4A)
  2. Vaccine manufacturers have no financial incentive to test vaccines for safety. (6 | 6A)
  3. Medical informed consent is violated by the lack of transparency about vaccine risks. (3, 4, 9 | 3A, 4A, 9A).
  4. The regulatory agencies charged with monitoring vaccine safety have been taken over by the vaccine industry. ( 9 | 9A).
  5. The mainstream news media promote only pro-vaccine agendas. (9 | 5A, 9A)
  6. Those questioning any aspect of vaccines are being censored on major Internet platforms. ( 3 | 3A )
  7. Most published pro-vaccine research is biased through industry-funded sponsorship. ( 3 | 3A )
  8. The economic interests of large corporations and regulatory agencies have become more important than the health and safety of citizens. (9 | 9A)
  9. Public health agencies are not investigating the cause of the largely unnoticed epidemic of declining children’s health. (7, 8 | 7A, 8A)
  10. The elimination of paralytic polio was not due to vaccines. (10 | 10A)
  11. The US federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System is woefully inadequate. (5)
  12. Only a tiny percentage of US vaccine-damaged children are awarded compensation. (6)

….in spite of the widespread agreement that vaccines are largely safe, and serious adverse complications are extremely rare,
a close scrutiny of the scientific literature does not support this view.

Professor Chris Shaw/Lucija Tomijanovic, PhD, University of British Columbia).

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