Wondering About the COVID-19 Vaccines?

If you are puzzled by conflicting beliefs about vaccines, wondering whom to trust, or suspicious about where to get accurate information, read on.

The complexity and wide-ranging number of vaccine issues often make this scientific information, even when found, too dense and detailed for most of us.

Since so little is yet known about the long-term effects of the rushed-to-market COVID-19 vaccines, this site first investigates the history of vaccine safety, focusing on the facts regarding the history, development, testing, promotion, and distribution of vaccines.

Since the bulk of vaccines are made for children, whose immune systems are highly vulnerable, the safety of vaccines is most important.

Because the same few companies make all vaccines, this knowledge can be applied to the as yet little-studied safety of all new vaccines.

The purpose of this tool is to cut to the basics—getting a foot through the proverbial door.

It first assesses what you already know about vaccines via a quiz of ten true/false statements. Once answered, you can read the supporting evidence for each statement.

What’s true in the US also applies to many other countries, and because Australia is rapidly closing the gap with the US, a separate quiz addresses facts unique to Australia, overlapped with some US findings.

Once you’ve completed the quiz and studied your results, you’ll have access to the Conclusions, Resources, Ideas for Action pages plus breaking news about COVID-19 vaccines.

Please be aware that it may not be easy to face evidence that seriously challenges conventional beliefs, even if the information is verifiable and from reliable sources.

It’s only natural that some may become upset, angry, or fearful to discover that the facts differ from conventional wisdom.

When you’ve completed your time on the site, please click the link in the footer to take our brief survey about your experience—thanks in advance.

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